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Bought a bottle about a month ago. This shit is the BOMB! I actually bought a bottle for a buddy to because I brought a bottle for him to use one night and he told me to get him a bottle. Best cologne ever! Have not tried it at the club I go to yet but I will let you know if it’s a Sure Fuck kind of night.
Nick G

I bought this just thinking it would be funny to try. I thought it smelled nice enough so I wore it to work one day. I work with mostly women and almost EVERY one of them told me that I smelled amazing. I wear cologne daily (stuff from Lacoste and Burberry) and would get a comment every once in a while. When I wore this I was getting comments four to five times a day on how nice I smelled. It was hysterical. I let a few of my coworkers in on what I was wearing and they thought it was the funniest thing that it actually appeared to ‘attract’ women.
By Aslterp
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