15% Discount Bachelor Party Special The illustration to the left (fig 1.) shows that most women think about shopping 90% of the time

15% Discount Bachelor Party Special

Sure Fuck Cologne

works by altering the woman’s brain receptors. Shutting down the receptor that mediates the brains response to shopping & stimulating the brain receptors that control woman’s deepest sexual desires!!

After extensive research, The Sure Fuck Cologne Science Department came up with a complex equation that solves most men’s lack of sex. You can see clearly in the illustration to the right (fig 2.)that the square root of “Fuck” is “Sure Fuck Cologne” Sure Fucks Complex Equation
Graphic representation of the effect Sure Fuck Cologne has compared to every other cologne The graph to the left (fig 3.) clearly illustrates Sure Fuck Colognes effect on men’s “Fuckability.” Men are experiencing a significant increase in Average times “Fucked” per month while using Sure Fuck Cologne.
“Nothing’s for certain. But one thing’s for sure.”Sure Fuck Cologne(Sure Fuck University is designed for Entertainment purposes only. But you “Sure Fuckers” already knew that!)
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