Fuck Me Perfume

Fuck Me PerfumeFuck Me Perfume is an Eau de Parfum for the alluring flirt with a romantic spirit who’s playful and the modern woman who follows her heart – and she just might break yours! Men in her life find this fragrance to be irresistibly stimulating!

This is a new generation of fragrance that is an exciting, colorful multi-dimensional adventure for the confident young woman who is leading the way in this dynamic world that she owns! She can no longer be defined by a simple aspect of her life…Now, she can celebrate her many facets of flirty, playfulness, along with feminine, sensual, romantic and dynamically irresistible!

Our Sensual Fragrance is a complex “floral, oriental fruity” scent with the key ingredients of strong sweetened, cranberries and tonka mousse, topped off with a splash of Tuscan blood orange.

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