SF Cologne Testimonials

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“I bought this as a gag gift but it smells great and I do believe the product lives up to its name.” – HS Baird

“The cologne is perfect to gift at a bachelor or birthday party, even as a gag gift, but the packaging and actual product are worthy of real use on real occasions.” – AVN

“Surprisingly, Sure Fuck Cologne comes in 2-ounce bottles, not 10-gallon drums.” – Dude I Want That

“I bought it as a gag gift for my husband for our anniversary. He loved the name & I was surprised how good it smelled. BTW it lived up to its name that night! LOL” – Linda

“I think it smells fucking wonderful. I do think Sure Fuck cologne can hold its own against designer fragrances and it’s pretty cheap to smell as good — and have the staying power — that it has.” – Mr. Will’s House of Thrills

“Not going to lie it actually smells really good! Bought for the amusement of myself and it actually works haha!” – Kyle

“Awesome shipping speed!”- thegrizzlyant

“Wow! What can i say? This product does exactly as advertised. I originally bought this as a gag gift but after wearing this out on 100 nights out i can confirm that i have got laid 96 times and had a nice hand shandy from another. This product is amazing! It makes girls go wild, almost primal. I would not recommend wearing this product around family members as this cologne does not discriminate! Most awkward Christmas dinner ever…”- The Stallion

“Lightning fast shipping!” – Reviewer

“This was a hit on Valentine’s day! I purchased for my best friend (who is single) and he got a kick out of it and he actually wears it! I love being the cool gal pal that finds all the good, off the wall gifts ;)” – j.b.

“Bought a bottle for my boyfriend. Thanks for shipping so fast. I bought it as a gag gift but when I smelled the cologne I loved it.” – Tina

“Delivery was faster than I expected, and actually liked the cologne!” – Gary T.

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