Sure Fuck Dating Tips


Sure Fuck Dating Tips are designed for the guy looking to get laid. If you’re looking for Ms Right, the woman you’re gonna marry for the rest your life, these tips aren’t for you.

You might get lucky every once in awhile. Be in the game, know the game . . . Good luck Sure-fuckers!

Tip #1

Be Presentable

Being presentable doesn’t mean being the best dressed man in the club. Women see right through that. It’s being confident and looking your best. Knowing what is in, and what is not. NEVER be that guy who is over dressed. But you don’t want to be the guy in the stained t-shirt and flip flops when everyone else is wearing a business suit, either.

Some people are just naturally high value: they are rich, own fancy cars, and have power. Fortunately if you’re not a millionaire, things like being funny, having confidence, possessing good looks, dressing appropriately and being spontaneous, are also considered high value.

Tip #2

Nice guys finish last. Good guys get the sex

Women, especially younger ones, don’t get hot and heavy with the “nice guys.”

By nice guy, we mean a man who is passive, agrees with the woman, puts her on a pedestal, is needy, etc. Women like these guys, however, they like them as friends, someone to help them move, or the guy they can count on for a free meal with no expectations. Women don’t choose “the nice guy” for dates or lip biting, nail scratching sex.

Being a jerk, or being just plain rude isn’t going to get you points either. A good guy has high standards for how he acts, and how he treats others, and sticks to them. He has excellent taste and knows how to make a woman feel appreciated, without acting like a puppy that is looking for a home.

So, be a good guy. Show her you can be sensitive. But, don’t be a squishy, nice, passive guy who bores women to tears. Make sure on your first date to be assertive, confident, and even a little edgy. But, whatever you do: don’t be an ass.

Happy hunting Sure-fuckers!

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Tip #3

Online Dating

The E’s of online dating for getting laid are: Entertain, Exchange, Engage, and Enjoy.

Once you understand what each secret entails, and learn how to execute them, you will not have to research any more online dating tips…ever.

As you know, more and more men and women are using online dating websites to meet people looking for something other than long-term relationships. They are using both free, and fee-based, dating sites to arrange meetings for casual sex; in other words Getting Laid!!

To have success at this, you must be entertaining. Showing that you are entertaining means using your profile to demonstrate that you have a life that involves people, and activities, unrelated to your use of online dating sites.

Use a resent photo of yourself hanging out with a few of your buddies as your profile picture. This will let a woman know that if she eventually decides to meet you face-to-face, you will be sacrificing time with your friends to spend time with her.

Women using dating sites to meet casual sex partners are usually pretty discreet about their intentions, just like you need to be when exchanging messages with them.

Learn to read between the lines of the profiles you look over and the messages you receive. If, for instance, a woman’s profile describes her as “looking for fun,” it’s likely she is looking for no-strings-attached sex more than a relationship.

When you exchange messages with this woman, engage her by referencing a specific activity or subject you think she’ll be interested in based on other information included in her profile.

Then, flirt your ass off by continuing to engage her by showing her more of yourself, and complimenting her.

Engage her mind by using references to communicate how you would like to be engaged with her body. Women love to be challenged, so let the women you exchange messages with decipher your messages. Be sure, they will figure them out. And they will be intrigued. And, they may agree to hook up with you.

Enjoy yourself, don’t put pressure on yourself; Just enjoy. If you are not having a good time trying to meet women online, but continue to try anyway, you are wasting your time.

Happy hunting Sure-fuckers!

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