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Sure Fuck Cologne

After striking out time after time using high priced colognes one after another…even the name brand cologne’s don’t work! We at Sure Fuck decided to create our own Cologne & boy did we “Nail it!”

A cool fresh manly scent that thrusts women into a crazy hot SEXUAL FRENZY!

After extensive research, The Science Department at Sure Fuck University (The Un-Fuckables) teamed up with some of the sexiest female escorts they could find and discovered… Men wearing Sure Fuck Cologne got laid 96.5% of the time! That’s better than beer goggles! Single Men will save thousands on alcohol!

Great news for you married men! Sure Fuck Cologne works 86.7% of the time! This is amazing
considering the current standard of 0%. No more expensive date nights with the wife hoping to get an HJ.

Men, don’t waist your hard earned money on expensive clothes or sports cars. Sure Fuck Cologne gets you laid!! & it’s only $24.00 + FREE SHIPPING! Unless you’re the world’s most Fuckable Man, Sure Fuck Cologne is what you need!!


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  1. I bought a bottle of this for my brother and he absolutely loved it. Lol. Great gag gift. Smells pretty good too.

  2. That’s some funny shit!! Love the website!!

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