SF Cologne Day

There really aren’t enough occasions to give funny gag gifts these days. Hallmark does a great job of creating a lot of useless holidays, like Hand Holding Week, that seem to require cards and gifts. With the exception of April Fool’s Day, funny gag gifts don’t get much play. It might be time to create your own holiday. Call it Sure Fuck Cologne Day, and give all your friends the gift of getting laid.

It’s all about sex these days on TV and in movies, so why not make it a holiday celebration? Funny gag gifts like Sure Fuck Cologne are awesome ways to show you care. This sensual spritz is sure to delight every woman’s nose, tickling her in all the right places, amping her up for a romp in the sheets. Who knew funny gag gifts could get you so much mileage?

Sure Fuck cologne is a cool, manly scent that is scientifically formulated to make her hot. Sex is all about the pheromones, which talk to the hormones, which press the gas pedal and start the ignition. Sparks will fly, and you might need to keep some water handy to put out the flames. Backed by studies from Sure Fuck University, this stuff is guaranteed to get its single wearers laid 96.5 % of the time, every time. Married? Don’t worry! It still works for you. 86.7 % of married men reported lift off in their sex life, which is a lot more than the big fat zero it was before.

Ladies, if you’re heading to a bachelorette party, pack a little Sure Fuck cologne as part of your gag gift. Funny and functional, the bride-to-be can put it her suitcase for the honeymoon trip. She’ll love the smell, and her husband will thank you. Keep some for yourself to use if you get lonely, or if your date is coyote ugly. Spray a little here and there, and he’ll be looking like Channing Tatum in no time flat! No beer goggles needed.

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