Gifts from the Guys: Bachelor Party Gift Idea

It’s tough to know what’s considered proper etiquette for a bachelor party gift. The female side of the wedding party has lots of rules and guidelines to work with, but the male side of the game gets a little hazy. The good news is, guys are pretty chill when it comes to actual gifts at the bachelor party. Showing up is usually considered part of your gift, so you don’t have to go overboard. If you want to bring a little something along, though, here are some high-quality ideas grouped according to embarrassment factor:

Playing it Clean Gift

Some bachelors really would be offended by more X-rated gifts, or are having a really low key party (read: no strippers). If this is the case, you can keep it clean but still have a little laugh at the groom’s expense. Exploding, un-puttable and screaming golf balls are a great way to introduce humor to the more stuffy atmosphere of a golf course. You can also opt for a beer helmet or a six pack holster for the apres golf celebrations.

Fun and Games

For fellas looking for some game-time fun, there are plenty of manufactured drinking games to liven up the bachelor party. Shot games, beer games, farting games, dart games...the list goes on and on. This category is more PG-13 than X-rated, but definitely a step up in crudeness from the first category of bachelor party gifts.

Props and Gags

If you’re good friends with the groom and know he’d appreciate some props and gag gifts, go for the gold with boob- and sex-related merchandise. Boob luges for drinking fun, boob balloons and pasta and blow-up dolls are sure winners. Other funny gift ideas include bath boobies, which suction cup to the bathtub and function as a luxury pillow, and giant granny panties.

The All-Around Gift

If you want a gift that transcends most categories, go for Sure Fuck Cologne, a spray that’s guaranteed to keep the bride-to-be amped up on their wedding night. If the bachelor party is low-key, slip it to the groom on the sly. Everyone wants a great sex life with their partner, so this gift is always in style. In fact, this cologne might be something you want to try out before you give it away. It’s actually a great-smelling spray that might just make your own sex life a little hotter.